Inventory and
classification system

Logikit has an extremely efficient inventory system completely computerized, fast and precise. Products are classified by type and number, identifying them and their location in the warehouse. Tracking is optimal and clients obtain ordered parts in record time.

At Logikit, inventory is replenished to maintain minimum and maximum levels and meet demand at all times. SAP qualified personnel expert in the use of inventory management software maintain the levels according to client needs and realities.

Logikit also ensures the renewal of expired products and that all products correspond to high standards of compliance. The inventory is reviewed periodically and contractually. This control measure guarantees inventory availability, quality and precision.

The physical space for inventory is large enough to accommodate all the products needed for a multitude of clients’ operations. Storage is another Logikit strong point.

New parts can also be stored in box kits identified with clients’ names. This classification system is organized by category of engine, module and sub-section.

In inventory management, Logikit is, once again, an industry leader in its field.

Système d’inventaire et classement