Quality, Security and Environment

Quality assurance
and control

At Logikit, quality assurance and control are based on structured steps and exacting requirements. The many certifications so essential in the field guarantee the validation methods used. The company's facilities comply scrupulously with even the strictest standards.

Secure environment

At Logikit, stringent measures are applied to ensure the security of the premises and clients' products. The premises are thoroughly protected and under continuous surveillance. All potential risks have been assessed and all means taken to mitigate them.

Security checkpoints are analyzed regularly and security procedures formally updated. Critical access points are restricted in compliance with regulations enforced in the military sector, the toughest in the industry.

Logikit is registered with the federal government's Controlled Goods Program (CGP). The purpose of the program is to protect controlled goods in Canada and forbid their access to unauthorized persons. In short, everything is in place to safeguard the workplace and the parts and components stored carefully for clients.

COMPANY PREMISES ARE THOROUGHLY PROTECTED and under continuous surveillance.

Environnement sécurisé

Compliance with environmental regulations

Logikit complies diligently with municipal and government regulations. All company operations are governed by environmental protection and sustainable development concerns.

Wastewater and waste oil discharge follows a specific process approved by certified personnel. Logikit conducts systematic environmental monitoring, with no compromises. The many criteria on which it is based are followed to the letter because Logikit attaches great importance to environmental issues.